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Adler AD 4476 Yogurt Maker +7 glass jars Adler AD4476

Adler AD 4476 Yogurt Maker +7 glass jars

Adler AD 4476, Yogurt Maker +7 glass jarsThree things are enough to produce fresh, healthy yogurt: milk, bacterial cultures and Adler AD 4476 yogurt....

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Blender hand + set Adler AD4607

Blender hand + set

Adler AD 4607, Blender hand + set, black/silver   This blender is able to quickly blend the groceries. Its DS motor despite having up to 1000W of...

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Vacuum sealer Adler AD4484

Vacuum sealer

Adler AD 4484 Vacuum sealer, black ADLER AD 4484 is the product for you! A vacuum packaging machine with a film welder in one device is an...

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